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ok so like

I made a really cool song, put it up on Tiktok, and people really liked it. So I thought- why not make an NFT collection for it? These silly little GIFs can make people laugh, give them a cool profile pic, but also- it gives me access to people who like my music without being at the mercy of an algorithm on a centralized social media platform. Booty Bouncers transcend the algorithm!

Booty Bouncers is also the first ever playable gamified music NFT! Through the NFT, you'll receive access to a game that you can play via the Controlla XYZ app on your phone. There will be a leader board for high scores, and ability to share your own remix of Booty Bounce through the app!

Also, on a philanthropic note...

Earlier in 2022, the Feeshes NFT community helped raise the money necessary to cover medical costs for my chronic illness, which I am eternally grateful for. So, I want to give back- and hence, 20% of profits from Booty Bouncers will go to FeeshesForGood.eth, to pay it forward and help out someone else in need. Through NFTs, we can do amazing things!


  1. I shake my booty!
  2. You shake your booty!
  3. You mint a Booty Bouncer!
  4. You play the Booty Bouncers in Space game!
  5. Maybe you make it onto the leader board!?
  6. Through the game, you create your own custom remix of my song that you can share on Tiktok!
  7. Through shaking our booties, we help someone in need via FeeshesForGood.eth and change someone's life!
  8. We all have fun!
  9. You now own a fun collectible for my song!
  10. We are now connected to each other though the Ethereum blockchain!

ok so like what comes next?

Idk lol let's see where this goes. If you've been following me for a while, you know I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, and that I plan on using the blockchain to liberate myself and other artists from the grips of centralized platforms that don't pay us a living wage. And hopefully, this project raises some money to help someone in need, while also bringing sweet tunes to your ears. So what do I have to lose? LET'S SHAKE OUR BOOTYZ

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Mint my Booty Bouncer!!!

Do you want a super cool Booty Bouncers T shirt or hoodie to commemorate your Booty Bouncer!? Well luck for you, we have them for sale in our store merch store! Available in a variety of colors and sizes!

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You already minted a Booty Bouncer?? SICK, that means you can play the game! Click the link below to get access 😎




Q: How do I mint a Booty Bouncer? This is my first NFT!

A: You can follow the instructions laid out provided by Reenna on Tiktok!

Q: Why isn't my Booty Bouncer revealing on OpenSea/ Rarible?

A: Click the "refresh metadata" button in the top righthand corner when you're viewing your NFT, and give it a few moments- she'll show up momentarily!

Q: What sort of prizes will be awarded to those who rank on the leaderboard?

A: Each person who places on the leaderboard on Friday at 4:20 PM until December 2nd (for now) will receive a prize in $FART!

Q: Am I cool?

A: Most definitely my dude!